Breakfast with Table of Plenty

When you're shifting between timezones, it's easy to fall victim to travel fatigue. It only takes one missed flight, one missed deadline or one failed biology exam to realise that staying fueled and nourished is optimally important - even if you're running late.

Skipping breakfast is an unhealthy way to start any day, particularly one that's full of tasks and travel. Breakfast fuels you for the day, fills you up until lunchtime (or snacktime), gives you energy, helps you perform better, and according to some studies, it even prevents irritability.

After years of fobbing off a proper breakfast, I decided it was time to shake up my wake up and include healthy oats, fruits, carbs and wholefoods in my morning routine. I wanted to include plenty of nutrition, plenty of ease and plenty of taste. 

After some trial and error, I found my niche with Australian owned Table of Plenty. They came highly recommended by friends at the Endeavour Foundation who partnered with them to further their work disabled youths and adults in the workplace.

I placed an order for Table of Plenty's dukkah, as well as their muesli and on-the-go snacks. The first package arrived, full of wholesome goodies, like mini rice crackers, macadamia muesli and mixed berry squeeze top drinks. 


The dukkah blend (made up of nuts and spices) quick became a favourite, and I found myself adding it to everything - breakfast, lunches, dinners, snacks, smoothies... I even sprinkled it on my bagels and wholemeal toast. The dukkah blend, inspired by Egyptian and Moroccan cooking, pairs wonderfully with everything, and I sneak it with me into cafes and restaurants to add extra pep to everything I've ordered. 

With the help of new foods to kickstart my morning, I've become more productive throughout the day and more creative with my early morning meals. This method of mindful eating has stopped me from absent-mindedly snacking on the wrong things before lunch, before flights, before exams and even before bedtime. 

You can check out Table of Plenty's selection of breakfast foods, snacks, probiotics and dukkah blends by visiting their website:

This post was sponsored by Table of Plenty.